The Value Of Looking Outside Your Profession

It’s not often Formula One and Paediatric Surgeons are mentioned in the same sentence.  Yet surgeons at Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children looked to Ferrari’s pit-stop team for inspiration to improve the efficiency and effectiveness when transporting patients into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) heart surgery.

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Starting A Business? Don’t Be Selfish

“Be Your Own Boss” “Follow Your Passion” “Escape 9 til 5”

When I hear statements like this, alarms bells immediately go off. Whether it be through Facebook targeted ads, or a friend who convinces me to attend some MLM event – it revolves around the same selfish reason – YOU! Continue reading “Starting A Business? Don’t Be Selfish”

Why Work-life Balance Is Bullshit

Work-life Balance is the notion of balancing your career with your lifestyle. So it goes, if an employer provides flexible working arrangements, additional holiday leave, work from home etc irrespective of your job – you will have a great work-life balance. It’s common to hear – “Work to live, not the other way around!”

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Don’t Jump!

*Disclaimer – I have nothing against specialised careers. They are integral to our society (Doctors/Lawyers/Scientists). I simply believe there are too many people that fall into these careers for the wrong reasons.

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So…What do you do?


This has to be the most irritating question anyone can ask- yet I still observe this constantly – think back to when you were last at a social gathering, bar or party and you’ve just met someone. Shortly after the standard “hey how you going/how’s your night been etc etc they drop “so..what do you do?” Continue reading “So…What do you do?”

Hello From The Other Side

After talking myself into it for the past couple years, I’ve finally got off my backside and have decided to start putting out my own content.

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