What Business & Djing Have In Common

I’ve always been musically-oriented (?is that a word) ever since I was a kid and mum forced me to play the piano I was drawn to music from all genres. As I progressed and transitioned from playing the piano to saxophone and now Djing (casually I might add), I have noticed stark similarities between business and DJing.  Continue reading “What Business & Djing Have In Common”

Generalist or Specialist?!

There’s often been a debate about which path is best to pursue; the generalist who is adept, flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing digital landscape, or the dedicated specialist who has spent years, or decades honing her craft to a fine skill. Essentially it is a battle between breadth and depth. Continue reading “Generalist or Specialist?!”

Entertainment vs Education

Looking at the amount of time and money you spend on activities that are classified as entertainment compared to educational reveals A LOT about a someone’s habits. Otherwise known as the EvE ratio (credit to Peter Voogd), it provides insight into how effectively you spend your most precious resource. Continue reading “Entertainment vs Education”

The Current State of Formal Education

Since graduating from University from my Science degree – I vowed never to go back again to formal study. It’s not because I had a bad experience (the lecturers, tutors and friends made will stay with me for life). It’s because (just like an extension from high-school) it simply taught you to jump through hoops.

Continue reading “The Current State of Formal Education”