How Automating Tasks Preserves Willpower

Willpower or self-control is the ability to delay short-term gratification for long-term gain. It is what separates those who are ‘successful’ from those who are not. Research has shown that willpower is like a muscle – if you overwork it fatigues. This leaves you susceptible to poor decision-making.

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The Current State of Formal Education

Since graduating from University from my Science degree – I vowed never to go back again to formal study. It’s not because I had a bad experience (the lecturers, tutors and friends made will stay with me for life). It’s because (just like an extension from high-school) it simply taught you to jump through hoops.

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So…What do you do?


This has to be the most irritating question anyone can ask- yet I still observe this constantly – think back to when you were last at a social gathering, bar or party and you’ve just met someone. Shortly after the standard “hey how you going/how’s your night been etc etc they drop “so..what do you do?” Continue reading “So…What do you do?”